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IMEI Changer Software To Change IMEI Number For Free

You like to find IMEI Changer Software tool for free to change the IMEI Number on your Phone Device. How to change IMEI number now not will be the issue for you. When you have iOS or Android device which IMEI code is blocked or locked to some network operator then it is no wonder if you have tried to find a way to change its IMEI code. Lucky for you and thousands other Android or iPhone users whose device IMEI code is blacklisted, there is a functional software tool that is specialized in changing the IMEI code of any iPhone or Android device. This software tool is very important because it allows you to change the IMEI number which is used by the network operators to lock your mobile device to their network and prevent you from using the services from different carriers. Also, in case a cell phone is lost or stolen and if you do not have the IMEI code, the police will not be able to help you. Knowing your phone’s IMEI code is very important and knowing that many iPhones are getting stolen every day; this is a detail that you must pay attention to. If you know your phone IMEI code, in case you have some problems you can always put the device into the black list and prevent anyone from using it, and also the police can easily track the device for you in case it gets stolen or lost.

IMEI Changer

How to use IMEI Changer and Find the IMEI Number?

Every phone has unique Mobile Equipment Identify Number or shortly said IMEI. This number consists of 15 digits and its function is similar to being and ID of your device. This number is listed on the packing box of your device, it is also printed on the back of the battery and by default it is included in the contract which you sign with certain carriers when you buy your cell phone.

However, if you have purchased a phone which is old and used it is most likely that you will not be able to find this number by using these methods described above. Fortunately, there are other easy ways which will help you discover your mobile phone IMEI code. The first method is to go to your device Settings-General-About and from here just to scroll to the bottom of the page where the code is listed. Alternatively, you can dial the number *#06# and the code will be shown on your device screen after a few seconds.

Why it is important to learn how to change IMEI number?

You’ve probably realized by now that there are a lot of mobile phones which are being constantly resold from second hand sellers, from online stores, friends and other sources. It often happens when you buy a device in this way, the device to be reported as stolen, lost or blacklisted. And in case you have device of this kind you will be unable to use the device or at least you will be prohibited to change the network carrier. If you know how to change the IMEI code, then you can avoid this problem easily.

It is possible to change the IMEI number with the IMEI changer service tool which is available for free bellow.

Permanently change the IMEI number of any cell phone

If you want to change the IMEI number of your device, then we offer you the best product for this job. The software tool for this job is called IMEI Changer and can easily remove the lock on any cell phone, regardless of the network to which it is locked or the model. You can easily use this tool by following our short step by step tutorial which is explained bellow. Once you use this tool, the device which IMEI code is changed can be added in the white list data base and it will be unlocked from the network operator. After that you can use it with any SIM card from any network in any country in the world. If you use the IMEI Changer tool, you will be able to keep your personal data only for you and the network operator will never find out. This tool offers you a lot of advantages and benefits.

Bellow we will explain the tutorial in details. Everything is simple and easy; however make sure that you pay attention to every single step. Make sure that you follow them carefully in order to avoid any problems later.

IMEI Changer Instructions

  • Go on official IMEI Changer page with clicking on this button bellow:
  • Press on the “CHANGE” button and wait while the new IMEI number is being generated.
  • Once the process is completed, the IMEI Changer tool will open a new window displaying your new IMEI code. Make sure you write it down.
  • Now restart your cell phone and use different SIM card from the one which you have been using till now.
  • After this the procedure will be completed and you can start using your device with your new IMEI code as if it were new.


The instructions are few and simple. In case you are confused about something, feel free to ask about anything. You can use our customer support service at any time to contact us.

Our IMEI changer service tool supports almost all iPhone/Android models including

Change IMEI Cell Phone Support Models

  • Change IMEI iPhone 3G, 3GS,
  • Change IMEI iPhone 4, 4S,
  • Change IMEI iPhone 5, 5S, 5C
  • Change IMEI iPhone 6, 6S+, 6+, 6S
  • Change IMEI iPad and iPod all models
  • Change IMEI Samsung any model
  • Change IMEI  HTC Any model
  • Change IMEI Nokia Any Model
  • Change IMEI Motorola Any Model
  • Change IMEI Alcatel Any Model
  • Change IMEI LG Any model
  • Change IMEI ZTE Any model
  • Change IMEI Sony Any Model
  • Change IMEI Blackberry Any model
  • Change IMEI Lenovo Any model
  • Change IMEI Huawei Any model

Change IMEI Number

In case you still have not decided on why you should change the IMEI code of your device then make sure you check what benefits this procedure will bring

Advantages of IMEI Changer for any cell phone

  1. If you change the IMEI code of your cell phone you can easily unblock it and later use it on any mobile network without restrictions
  2. You will find out more details about the phone you intend to buy if you use the free IMEI Changer tool
  3. You can buy a locked phone for a low price and then use the IMEI changer tool to freely unlock it
  4. The software tool for changing the IMEI code is safe and secure and it is free for use

Thanks to the IMEI changer tool, now you can easily change this important ID code of any cell phone without much difficulty. The tool is available for free and fast download thru secured links that are clean of any viruses. This tool is the best and will not harm your device after you complete the procedure. Give it a try!